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1 year anniversary and reintroduction!

Helloooo guys O3O

Today is the day I joined this community one year ago and made my first post! :')

So, first I wanna reintroduce myself (click under the cut!)

My name is Julia (Jule) and I live in Germany. I am 23 years old and got to know Pokemon during the craze in the late 90s/early 2000s :D Later I stopped being interested in Pokemon, but I kept playing the old games on and off. And then one year I got back into Pokemon and found this lovely community :> I'm still slowly starting to play the "newer" games (been playing X and Y and been loving it) and I am really looking forward to ORAS. However, I am for most parts still an old-school Pokemon fan and collector.
Other than that, I am currently studying English and German literature, and I am planning on doing two masters degrees in North American literature and fine arts. I love drawing and my dream is to write and illustrate my own children's books in the future (which I am already doing but I wanna get better and it and get published of course).

My favorite two Pokemon are Charmander and Charizard, which are also my main collections! My second favorite Pokemon is the cute little bird Natu! I also collect him and Xatu but my collection is still small. I also collect my other favorites which are the Oddish line, Raichu and some birdies (Hoothoot, Murkrow) and Omanyte though these collections are still pretty small next to almost nothing. My other favorite Pokemon are the ghosties (Gastly line, Duskull) and Butterfree. And my favorite Gen 6 Pokemon is Noivern (he's my third favorite Pokemon of all time)! I love him and I wish there was more merch of him so that I could start a collection of him.

And here are the three plush I started my journey with:


The little Hasbro Jigglypuff which I got way back when I was 9 or 10 years old.
My play by play Bulbasaur that I initially purchased off ebay when I got back into Pokemon.
And my first Japan get: my PC Charizard from 2013.

And this is how my collection looks today!


Here's a larger image of my whole collection <3 Considering that I don't have much money, it has grown immensly over one year!


And here are some close-ups of the individual shelves:


My Charizard collection with my pride and joy: Tomy Charizard from 2013.
The white figure is a self-made mega Charizard x that I still gotta finish lol.


My top shelf which includes my smaller Charmander plush and figures and my side collection of random Pokemon that I like or find cute merch of from time to time. My favorite: Charmander Tomy plush.


My Pokedoll shelf! This is one of my main collections at the moment and I am proud of how much it has grown over the past half a year.
My favorites include: Helioptile, Butterfree, Duskull and Marill!
I have two Helioptile Pokedolls, they are brothers and love to derp around :D One of them is my little bed buddy always there for cuddles!

And here's a closeup of Butterfree (Hermione) just because she looks so cute :>


And last but not least, my shelf at the bottom:


This includes my little Raichu collection, Natu/Xatu collection and Oddish collection, plus a few others, such as my single Omanyte item so far, the Omanyte Kids figure xD

Here's a closeup of my Oddish line collection protected by my three Gastlys (the Pokemon Time Gastly in the middle I made myself ^^):


The rarest pieces of my collection are:
- Butterfree Pokedoll
- Marill Pokedoll
- Wooper Pokedoll
- German mirage "Germanchu" Raichu plush

And some of my other favorites:
Tomy 2013 Charizard, Helioptile Pokedoll, Omanyte Kids figure (love it he's sooo cute! ^__^), Charmander happy Kid figure (the cutest thing I've ever seen) :D And basically all my Charmanders and Charizards especially <3

So this was it for my 1 year anniversary :)

All I can say is that you are AWESOME, have always been the best to everyone and I am super happy to have joined this community! I hope for another great year of collecting Pokemon and sharing my collection with all of you wonderful people :)

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!
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