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reckless introduction!

Hello everyone! I'm really excited and grateful to join the lot of you in this community!! :-D My real name is Bailee, but I go by Reck online usually (shortened version of my nickname 'Reckless'- and also the reason for the title!) and I'll be 21 on July 24 :-) I live in Michigan and of course, love Pokemon- have for as long as I can remember. My favorite generation, and what I like to collect from, is Hoenn and a tiny bit from Sinnoh (Shinx, Manaphy,and Buizel),, and for specific Pokemon: Delcatty! I've casually collected/gotten stuff for my birthday and such of Pokemon since I was- what, 5? But only recently have I become pretty interested in collecting like this!

This is my current Pokemon collection, save a few items that are scattered around the house- oops! (like my manga in the basement and my board game in the closet).

[Click to see my collection!]
(I want to note that yes, I am currently aware that the Flygon is a bootleg. I didn't know at the time of purchase but I personally prefer to avoid them now. Just wanted to let you know!^^)
The thing that says "Pokemon Stickers" in the back are vending machine Sinnoh stickers. I have a load of em!

How most of them are displayed!

A better view of most of the books,, the Junior books were gifts from a best friend way back when. She passed away suddenly at 20 years old last year :-(

My movies, which are just above the plush/figure display:

My games! I have Y downloaded on my 3ds,, which I only bought for XY (and now ORAS). Heh! I got green when I was in Japan in 2011!

Cards! The stacks of cards are separated by generation (two large stacks being Kanto LOL!) The big binder holds all my rares/cute cards (can be seen closely here)- the binder (Latios/Latias one!) on the right has all the non-rare Hoenn cards (I will be making a page for those as well eventually!).

Here's a bunch of extra stuff, such as hard Kanto cards, hard Hoenn cards, Hard movie/trainer cards, stickers, tins, just the stuff that didn't fit into the other pics x-D

I've personally started to go out of my way to collect the Kids Finger Puppet figures of Hoenn Pokemon and my favorite non-Hoenn Pokemon, I currently have Umbreon, Espeon, and Crawdaunt, Delcatty, Shinx and Jirachi (my Mom got them for me for my birthday and will not let me open them yet LOL!), Buizel, Cacnea, Corphish, Altaria, and Armaldo^^ And I will have some more next week when they get in!! :-) I'm very excited.

Thanks for looking^^ I'm a little nervous, but excited about joining the community <3 I am hoping to make some cool friends and collect some more!!
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