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Custom Pokemon Blind Bag Plush Sales!

Hi everyone today I'd like to show you all a little project that I've been working on this month! A few of you might recall that I've made small 2 sided plush in the past called Simplified Plush. Well I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of them and then offer them up to you guys in the form of blind bags! So it's a game of chance as to which plush you'll end up with! (who doesn't love blind bags?)

Alrighty so without further ado please take a look!
Who will you get? before we get started please take a look at all the potential plush and a few rules to make this fun for everyone!
My normal Rules
* I ship from the US and will happily ship internationally!
* I ship from Texas and use bubble mailers. I ship out within one week of purchase
* I only accept paypal
* I do not sell to banned members or members I have left negative or neutral feedback for, or through PM (I reserve the right to not sell to you)
* All my quotes are in U.S. dollars
* my Sales are first come first serve (in that the first to commit to pay gets the items please specify if you are asking for a quote or not :)
* All my items come from a smoke free home (please note I have a small dog)
* I was granted sales permission on December 13 2012 by entirelycliched my feedback is located HERE

The Basics
*Each PokeBlindBag will include one of the following Pokemon pictured above! Because theese are being sold as blind bags you don't get to choose which one (that would spoil the fun!)
* There is only one of each Pokeplush
* All of the plushies are made in my simplified style (they very in size but tend to be no larger than 3 inches tall)
* Some Pokemon are shiny!
* Each plush is $10 + shipping and fees (shipping in the US for one plush is around 3 dollars)
* Each plush has been assigned a random number by me, which means you can pick any of the number slots that you fancy ( are you feeling lucky??)

The Dos
* buy 'em and fall in love with the one you got!
* try to trade with other folks for the one you were hoping for!
* sell the one you got (NOT FOR A PROFIT) to try again!
* buy as many as you want!
* specify if you are asking for a quote :)
* pick your favorite number! or a random number!
* ask questions! or leave comments! suggest what pokemon you'd like to see me make for next time!
* have fun!

The Don'ts
* complain about the plush you got :(
* Ask which number a plush is (I won't tell you and it spoils the fun!)
* sell your plush for a profit (This is a major thing to me you will be banned from my sales if I catch you doing this. Please let me know if you see people doing this I'll be very grateful :)
* grumble about not getting to pick the number you wanted
* Haggle ( these are at a set low price so no haggling please :))

Pick your Pokemon!
1.Claimed by remove_replace
2. traded to clair2522
3. Claimed by  syminka
5. Claimed by Latias_Latios_7
6. Claimed by lapopearmadillo
7. Claimed by Inky_starlight
8. Claimed by Rocket_Chick
9. Claimed by Schenzi
11. Claimed by lapopearmadillo
12. On hold for btamamura
13. Claimed by Themessyness
15. Claimed by caddieneko
17. Claimed by Luckymissclover

Thanks everyone! If this round goes over well I might do it again with different Pokemon!
((((((Gone to bed be back tomorrow :))))) I'm Back! :D
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