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* Gold Star Mew Card Auction! ~

We're a little short of money at the moment and lots of nice things have come up for sale recently ^-^;, so we've decided to sell some parts of our collection so we can make space for our facourite Pokemon! Over the next few days we'll be putting some zukan, Lv.X cards and EX cards up for sale, but firstly, I'm going to part with my Shining Gold Star Mew. I know that it'll find a nice new owner here, and I'd rather it went to someone form the community than on ebay! ^-^

So - here she is!

~Card Information~

Mew is card 101/101 from the Dragon Frontiers Ex Set.

Mew has light scratches on it which can be seen when held up to a light - the card itself still looks beautiful :) There are no bends or folds to the card.  The back of the card has scuffing to the edges (with more obvious scuffing to one edge - see the photo below). This scuffing cannot be seen from the front.

f you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask!

~Auction Terms~

* The Auction will run until Midnight on Wednesday GMT

* If you wish to bid, please leave a comment in the thread below, replying to the previous bid - any bids left elsewhere will not be counted.

* Payment is by Paypal only

* The card will be shipped form the UK in a protective soft sleeve and toploader - shipping will cost $1 inland, $2 to Europe and $3 to the US/South America/Canada/Australia/Asia (or Antarctica! XD)

* Minimum bid increment: $1 :D

~Current High Bidder~

Current Price and highest bidder: $5 - aonik 


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