Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Storenvy Shop opened!

Hello all! I have been spending the past week setting up my new storenvy store and it is finally ready for business!
This is the first time I use storenvy, so if anything looks off, just let me know!

I have added the items in different categories so hopefully it should be much easier to browse than on my LJ journal.
I still haven't done the banner/ etc yet since I haven't come up with a design, but it will be up when I do... xD

未命名 -1

Please click the preview above or this sentence to go the my store!

I will be slowly phasing out the SALES on my LJ journal, but right now, there's still quite a number of items there. So if there's anything you want to combine with my storenvy, just leave a comment on my sales page.

Thanks as always :D
Tags: sales
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