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2014 Kuji Prizes and a question!

Currently Outdated as of 8/22/14.

I had to run all over town today for work, so I got to stop by several different 7-11s and lo and behold! Kuji prizes!!!! There were also Tirol pokemon chocolates and other random things around the store.

The picture's a little blurry because I was in a rush to get in and out.

I was trying for the pouches, but I got the straps and plush instead. I'd like to sell these and try again today =3 They are 6$ each, plus shipping. Please feel free to ask for a quote.

Sold - Diancie plush and Klefiki keychain.
Available - Pikachu keychain

The prizes are here.

I'm going for the G prize, which is a pouch. I'll probably get a few extra of the other prizes (except for the snorlax plush, since that's a last one prize).

I'll open up slots for reservations (so I know which goods to select, rather than random ones). This doesn't guarantee you'll get the prize, so I am not collecting money until they are in hand. Please be aware I am shipping from Japan and shipping will start at 3$ for most items.

A Prize (Pikachu Pillow - 2 Types. I may not be able to select which type):

B Prize (Figure Set of 8)
1. derranged
2. eternal_rena

C Prize (Picnic Sheet)

D Prize (Diancie Plush)
1. mewmew151

E Prize (Pikachu Plush)
1. mewmew151

F Prize (Case)

G Prize (Pouches - specify what version)

H Prize (Towels - specify what version)
1. mewmew151 (Electric)
2. skysailing (Electric)

I Prize (Figures - specify what version)
1. derranged (Charizard)
2. eternal_rena (Fletchling & Charizard)

J Prize (Key Chains - specify what version)
1. mewmew151 (Klefiki)

I'll be trying later today, July 22nd. If there's enough interest, I'll go again Wednesday to the Pokemon Center and try some more :3

Sale's Policies:
- I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.
- Free shipping for orders over 5$ doesn't apply to kuji items. However, you can combine items from my other sale's post here to take advantage of free shipping.
- Kuji items are new from a smoke free and pet free home.
- I accept Paypal. Prices are in USD.
- I'm shipping from Japan. Any fees imposed by customs are the responsibility of the buyer. I ship internationally.
- Items are first come, first served. Please commit to an item by stating you're committed.
- Please do not contact me for sales inquiries via PM.
- Click on the picture to view the larger image. I took some very large pictures to better show detail.

And for my question! Last year there was a trading thread for the poketme tins. Is there a thread this year? I didn't get the ones I wanted, but I'd be interested in a trade if anyone was up for it =3

And that's pretty much it on my end >___> My box of flareons and sylveons came today! My next post will probably be a collection update, hopefully in August. My shelves came too! But I have to assemble them before anything can really be done. Ugh, I wish they'd assemble themselves D=
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