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couple little things for sale

these are leftovers from my last sale, but now that i am starting school in like three weeks and need to get money for it, i'll put all these things for sale. ^^ there's zukans, charms, pins and more !

- i was granted sales permission on 15/04/2013 by dewott
- my feedback can be found here

- I ship from Finland and will ship worldwide
- i am bit of a slow shipper, please be aware of that. i try to ship stuff in bigger bulks atleast once a week
- minimum order is $3
- items come from smoke free home, but i do have two cats so please do not buy if you are extremely allergic to cats
- payment via paypal only
- i'm not responsible of items lost or broken in the mail !!! i always take good care of things i send and will let you know in advance if the item is broken etc. before sending it out

all orders are sent in ECONOMY class, they usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive outside of EU.

please keep in mind that I have to convert prices from EURO to USD so that's why they are bit high !!


applause plushies - these are all doubles in my collection, they are all bit worn out. shipping is $11 worldwide x( but if you buy more than one, it's same shipping

$5 each - poliwag (he has wear on the blue fabric), snorlax (has wear on the shiny fabric), squirtle (the lines on its stomach are bit faded)
$10 each - vulpix (the shiny material has little wear), wartortle (the lines on its stomach are bit faded)

SOLD: seel, geodude, spearow

2011 dex charms - $12 each shipped worldwide

SOLD: espeon

search for red gyarados pins - $15 each shipped worldwide


assorted zukans

mantine line - $25 shipped worldwide
teddiursa line - $25 shipped worldwide (teddiursa has no peg)
snorlax line - $25 shipped worldwide (no base or pegs)


MIP zukans

budew line x3 - $15 shipped worldwide
buneary line - $15 shipped worldwide

SOLD: misdreavus line


if you have any questions, just ask !
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