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Three questions for the community ? And bonus surprise.

Bothering the community again with my stupid questions. But I love to talk to you guuuys. ;w;

I was derping around Ebay, as usual, ready to buy things and counting how much money I'd need. I plan to buy the following figure :

The problem is, I really don't like figures with bases. I usually remove them. But do you know if the Sylveon will stand if I cut the base out ? Is this figure made of hard plastic ? Because if so, I might not be able to remove it...Maybe I should buy two of them, keep one intact and cut the base off of the second ?

Second question : It's not reeeeaally about collection, but rather about shelf set-up. I always liked to make little " scenes " when I display my figures and found a thing that would fit both Eevee and Sylveon.

Maybe one of you know about Re-Ment miniatures ?

Here, the strawberry would fit Sylveon and the chocolate Eevee.

1 ) Do you think it would look good ? Is it too girly or too kiddy ?
2 ) How should I organize the figures ? I tought about gathering the Eevees and Sylveons around the chocolate bowl and attach the fork in the bowl to one of the Sylveon's ribbons, as if she was using it.
3 ) I own several bigger figures, such as . Do you think the miniatures would be too small around these bigger figures ?

EDIT - I bought the miniatures !

And now, the little surprise ! It's not much, but that's something I wanted to show you.

In june, I bought a second Sylveon strap and put it on my pen as a lucky charm for my exam. I had a good grade, so I decided to keep the Sylveon on my bag and bring it on vacation with me. I took some photos of it !

Exploring my grandmother's garden.

2014-07-20 14.20.30

She found something she wanted to bring home !

2014-07-20 14.49.37

2014-07-21 19.29.40

Heading to the old house in the garden. Maybe there's interesting stuff in it. Who knows ?

2014-07-21 19.36.08

We found some other Pokemon in it ! They surely come from the attic.

2014-07-21 19.42.35

Don't climb on that !

That's all ! There will be more photos during the week, hope you liked them !
Tags: eevee, sylveon
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