Splash (splash) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted - Xerneas Pokedoll

Hey everyone~ Another change to my my wants list-- Now looking for Xerneas Oversize Pokedoll!!

Prefer one with the JP tag. Would like a nice deal on this one, $35 shipped (I live in California US). Would be even better if I can trade for it! I'll go up to $35 shipped value of stuff from my trade list! (on the wants list)

Additionally, it'd be neat if I could trade the Yveltal Pokedoll I have (JP tag is detached, pictured here), I would be willing to trade one with also the JP tag detached for it, or trade and I pay off a $3 difference for an attached tag. I have a whole ton of other plushies that would work for the trade too!! (Like Charizard pokedoll, Sylveon etc) We can work things out!

Thanks for reading~
Tags: wants, xerneas, yveltal
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