collectorlittle (collectorlittle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Birthday Is Coming Up!

Hey guys my birthday is in the next couple of weeks. August 13th. Yey! I get to get a Mega Absol Plushie from the Pokemon Center (Cant wait til I get her) And two Booster Boxes of the new set Furious Fists, but I wanna get somethings from you guys too.

What Absol/Mega Absol things do you have for sale? Im highly interested in seeing what you have.

So far I have gotten an awsome stamp and a beautiful piece of art from two of you on here and a friend of mine also sent me an FCBM of a custom card he made for me^^

But I am interested in what you have of Absol/Mega Absol and also if you make Custom things as well. So please show me what you have. ^^
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