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July update and small sales

Hello everyone,

First of all, I've actually been meaning to post this here since Saturday. But then I got lazy as usual. Sorry. XD

Anyways, I think I mentioned back in my last post in June that I was thinking about doing an update since I have gotten a few things in recent time (As well as waiting for some things to arrive). Well, I finally got around to taking a few photos over the weekend to share what I got with you all (It's not that much though).

Here's both the Yveltal Pokedoll (Thank you dtrain4eva for Yveltal) & PokeCen Ho-Oh plush I've mentioned in my last post (Received both back in March).

And here's a Mega Stone (Charizardite X) I've ordered from Sunyshore that came in last week, and some Black & White Kyurem Trozei stickers from back in June (Thank you denkimouse & remderosier). Hoping to get the PokeCen Mega Charizard X plush to go along with the stone soon. :)

Xerneas/Yveltal Pokemon Trozei Puffy sticker sheets I got, as well as some SM3DW & Mario Kart 8 puffy stickers all from Amiami.

Ok guys, I know this is probably against the community but I had got a few requests to share some non-Pokemon things in my collection. I'm very sorry if I'm breaking any rules (I tried to keep this post as Pokemon centric as I could). If I am asked to take some photos down I will.

A rainbow of Yoshi plushies!! I was waiting for the remaining 6 colors I needed to have a whole set of them (Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black, & White). They came in just early last week from Amiami. :D

P.S. There's a little reference in the placement of the colors left to right going back, wonder if anybody here knows it. Also, random Birdo because I like Birdo. :3

And lastly, here's a small group shot of bits and bobs from my different separate collections outside of the Pokemon I collect (Minusing the Pikachu plush). This is nowhere close to everything I have, but I can't have too much here though. (Now that I look at this, maybe I should have added Peach and/or Rosalina too. Oh well...)

Also, I still have a few remaining retsuden stamps here from my last post still up for sale (Along with a few figures now). All are still BOGO (Buy one, get one free).

Sales permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

I have my old & new feedback posts here just in case anyone's curious:

I hold items for 24 hrs, after that they're back up for sale if I do not hear from you.
Haggling is encouraged. :)
For trading, I'm currently only looking for a Reshiram & Kyurem retsuden stamp.

I only accept Paypal payments at the time.
Please state what you have purchased from me along with your LJ name in the PP Memo. That will help me a lot! :D

Shipping is from the U.S. (Virginia), and I only ship within the U.S. for now.
Shipping for packages is $2.50 (Shipping + Materials).
I do not have control of what happens to your items once USPS gets a hold of them. If you do not receive your items though, please let me know as soon as possible.

All retsuden stamps and figures in the pic are $3 each (Except Yveltal, who is $4) with BOGO (Buy one, get one free).

Retsuden Stamps Available: Chespin, Mega Scizor, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Blaziken, Mega Garchomp, Noivern, & Fennekin.

Figures Available: Yveltal Tomy Pose Figure, Flareon Tomy, & Moltres Kid figure.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Thank you as always for reading/viewing! :)

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