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updated & discounted sales!! and animeraro problems??

hello friends! all orders received pre-saturday have been shipped out! you should have received notification from paypal and storenvy. please let me know if you did not! I've updated my storenvy with a bunch of new items like a fairy type focus scrunchie, trozei stickers, tomy figures and more! i've also discounted prices on some of my previous stock. please take a look! i have lots for sale!

Please click the above picture or this link to be transported to my shop!

all pkmncollectors orders of $25 or more before shipping will come with a free gift!! just include your pkmncollector's username in the notes!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-My feedback is located here and here
-I ship from a pet friendly home in California, USA using USPS.
-I am not responsible for any damages, loss, etc. once the package has been shipped.
-You can use either a Paypal account OR a credit card to pay through storenvy!
-Because my sales are going through storenvy now, there will be no haggling and no holds.

Because storenvy does not include Paypal fees, there is a slight shipping increase. This also goes to covering materials, since I have been losing money on that lately. Please note that international shipping is very expensive! Shipping a plush costs about $9+ so please keep that in mind when you are buying. I am not throwing high numbers at you just to be mean!

For those of you who are hesitant about storenvy, ALL monetary transactions still go through Paypal!

next off, i know animeraro is a trusted seller and i've purchased from both their site and ebay store multiple times, but i've been having trouble lately... it's kind of my fault for not realizing before the 45 days for paypal dispute was over, but I haven't been able to contact them at all!! so in march, i placed a pre-order for an item to be released in april. later, i decided to add some items they had in stock on both their website and ebay store, so i emailed them and asked if i could combine shipping for them. they said that it would be fine, sent me an invoice, i paid. come april, i got my pre-order items and did NOT get my other items. i emailed them, and then they responded saying that they were sorry and would send over my other items. shortly after that, i left for japan/san diego so i've been away. recently, i realized that i did not receive any packages or shipping notifications. i emailed them on july 8th to ask about my order. after a week, I still hadn't received a response to my email, so i emailed them again. i have yet to hear back from anybody... has anybody been in contact with animeraro recently/made purchases? is there anything i can do since my 45 days is up? it wasn't a large amount of money, but i'm just bummed I never got my things...
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