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Updates and Sales!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a link to my sales post, which I have not done in a long time.

I have some plush, some older Hasbro figures, a ton of kids from gens 1-4, and some other items.

Please click HERE and comment on that post for the sales!

I would also like to share my most recent gets from Sunyshore. I have gotten so many awesome items from this community lately, but they are not included in this update because I did a box opening/review video for these items (which I will also include a link under the cut).

QuickShot 2014.07.17 at 17.16.28
QuickShot 2014.07.17 at 17.16.08
The new Pokemon Time plush! My favorite is the Zangoose.

QuickShot 2014.07.17 at 17.17.18
The old Xatu plush and Dedenne pokedoll! One of my main collections is Dedenne, and I'm not sure why I had delayed in getting one of the Pokedolls, haha.

QuickShot 2014.07.17 at 17.18.16
I am really starting to get into charms! I have always been into plush, but man, I really love the details of little things like the pokedoll charms and Dedenne bell charm. :o

Anyway, here is the link to my youtube channel/the video for these items where I will be posting more videos in the near future.

Oh, one other thing! I have recently been working on a sign (click for a bigger picture) to hang up in the room where my collection will be. (Venusaur Valley is the name of my site which is not done but in a good state of progress.) The sign is not quite done yet (as you can see from the unfinished painting in the center), but I am happy with it so far.
QuickShot 2014.07.17 at 17.19.19

Thank you for your time!
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