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"ga"ntastic gets + Grail!

Hello everyone!

Last week or so I received my so awaited items from a couple GAs I participated in, and man oh man I'm still thrilled with my gets, so time to share!

Back in 2008 I was having one of those awful quality videocalls on MSN with a friend when I spotted a really sweet Pokémon plush behind her. Said plush was a Banpresto Chimecho which got released in 2006 (back then I didn't know about Pokémon plushes or eBay), and I fell head over heels for it, I had to get one... then I got my Chimecho dream crushed by the outrageous prices on eBay.

Now we fast-forward to last May, I wanted to try getting something from a GA since the prices were so tempting... and then I saw it. I couldn't believe my eyes, there it was the Chimecho plush I longed for a hundred times cheaper than eBay, I HAD to get it, which lead me to stalking the count-down, bid, and refreshing the page in fear of getting being outbidded... thankfully, the count-down got to 0 and I won the plush.


Here you can see him happily hanging under my Pokémon games' cases and next to my screen, with all his tags! I was amazed he had everything and happy to be able to snap a full turn around and tag pictures for the PokePlushProject (idk if they update the site much). It's been a long wait (6 years!!), but I'm so happy my graily boy is finally with me ;w;

Along with my graily boy, I got an Audino Pokédoll and contest Mudkip for me, and a PC Petilil (not pictured) for a friend (she's gonna be so happy, she's wanted one for so long and I got what she wants, mwahahahaaha). They were won through two GAs hosted by happycosmos. Manaphy Pokédoll and Banpresto Mesprit come from a GA hosted by lucario and agui_chan.
They accidentally formed a colour palette of pinks, yellows, and blues XD

As soon as I checked my Mudkip, I realised it was a she! Her name is Sally and has fabulous eyelashes x3

Audino was one of those Pokémon I didn't like aside from all the experience they provided to my team... but it slowly grew on me and eventually I had to get its Pokédoll. I can't get over how soft and cute Audino is and those heart pawpads killed me on the spot ;w; I'm sorry I didn't like you at first!! (I blame it on the pink xD; )

To wrap up, I must say that now that I got Manaphy's Pokédoll (2006), I'll eventually have to get old Victini(after September, I'm so broke at the moment and I keep torturing myself by checking plushes on Y!J XD; ) and maybe old Darkrai (I already have a Banpresto one, but the Pokédoll has been calling me as of late >_>; ).

Speaking of Y!J... the next update is going to be an exciting one! I'll tell you more as soon as I receive my items (they should get here next week or the other >w> ).
Thanks for reading!
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