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Shiny Repaints-Zukans!

I got two zukan pieces recently that were in pretty bad shape. I've always wanted to try repainting figures so I gave it a shot with these and I think they turned out pretty well. There are also details on how to do it if anyone's interested :)


I'm a fan of zukans. I love how detailed they are, and the material they are made of. When I saw these two pieces I felt so bad for them and had an urge to fix them up. I really enjoy fixing up broken or dirty figures such as these, but I've never repainted a whole figure before. They were basically given to me for free (just had to pay shipping). Thanks yellow_fr3ak! :)


Here's tyhplosion. This piece is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which is good. Really nice dynamic pose and that flame is amazing.
He had marks on the yellow part of his body that I was able to get off with magic eraser, but on his back he had deep scratches that I could not fix. Since the rest of him was in good shape I decided to only paint the top (that's the only difference between shiny and non shiny typhlosion anyways)


I put thin layers of acrylic gesso on the area I wanted to paint. Gesso is used to prime canvases for painting. It makes a good primer for smooth objects because it has a "tooth" to it that makes paint grab to the surface easier.

After the gesso dried I used watered down layers of acrylic paint over it. When the paint is thinner it goes on more evenly and you can't see the brush strokes as well if you use it without thinning.


Finished :)
The original black paint on typhlosion bled over to the yellow parts of him, so I made the purple bled over the original paint (or tried). After The paint dried I put a coat of semi gloss sealant over it to give it a shine and protection. I also put it over his flame to make it shinier too :)


Before and after


Next is heatran. He was is very bad condition with scratches, paint rubs and chips everywhere.

(not my picture, from original sales post)


Compared to another heatran zukan I have that is in good condition. Poor thing :(


I used a spray primer on this one and just covered the whole thing. I used the same technique to paint his body as I did typhlosion.



Very happy with how these two turned out :)

Thanks for reading!

Also, If anyone has any beat up figures, especially zukans and TFG I would potentially be interested in purchasing them :)
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