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A Reminder and also wants!

Hi everyone! I still have 6 blind bag Pokes that are looking for homes! Please go check em out!

~Click here to be transported~
I will be shipping out everyone's who has already paid tomorrow. (I'm going out of town for the weekend so if I don't get the rest sold and shipped out by tomorrow the remainder will be sold on my Tumblr/DA so this is your only chance to get them on the comm :D)

And I'm also on the hunt for some wants!
These are the major ones I'm looking for, but I might be interested in other things too you can check out my full wants post here
I'm always happy to do partial trades or full trades for my custom plush (examples of my work here)
Looking to spend around 20 shipped (I need her to complete my puppy collection :))

I was hoping to spend around 45 plus shipping (I would also happily do a partial trade)

Thanks everyone! (also something to look forward to I will be opening commissions when I get back from my mini-vacation including simplified plush! (no remakes of the ones I've already made) as well as regular slots)
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