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Introduction Post - Avid Pokemon Card Collector has arrived!

Hello everybody. I am new to this community, so I thought I'd start off with a bit of introduction. I'm a huge Pokemon Card Collector, and I've been collecting since they first came out back when I was like 7 years old. I just recently got back into collecting, so I'm kind of making up for lost time, and I've been rapidly working to complete old sets. I figured I'd start off by showing off my two completed sets:


photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (1) photo 5 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (3)

Best of Game

photo 3 (3)

I've also collected all of the Pokemon LEGEND series from the Heart Gold & Soul Silver, Unleashed, Undaunted, and Triumphant sets.

photo 4 (2)

And finally, the pride of my collection!!! I've also been collecting Full Arts because they are absolutely beautiful cards! I currently have them all, and I will definitely be adding Dragonite EX, Seismitoad EX, Lucario EX, and Heracross EX to my collection once Furious Fists is released in a few weeks.

The whole set

photo 5 (1)

And a few close ups:

photo 1 (3)
photo 2 (4)
photo 3 (4)
photo 4 (3)
photo 5 (2)
photo 2 (1)
photo 3 (1)
photo 4

I know I went kinda photo-happy, but I think that's all I'll post for now. Maybe I'll post completed sets as I finish them, as well as some photos of some gets from booster packs and tins and such things.

I look forward to collecting with all of you :)
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