eeveefreakashie (eeveefreakashie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everyone! So happy I can be apart of this community I just recently joined!

Anyways my names Ashley I'm 22 years old and my collection is eevee's but I also collect pokemon figures and anything else I grew up with in the 90's like burger king when they had those pokeballs with the gold cards I have 6 of those but that collection is at my fiance house because were having a pokemon wedding!!!

I met my fiance on a dating website and had all my profile pictures as me dressed up in my eevee cosplay, the way he asked me out was the best thing I will never forget!!!
549_900 and he purposed to me when we were cosplaying as Ash and Misty at a convention last year!

So how did I become an eevee collector you ask? Well my brother and I grew up on pokemon so our parents and grandparents would get us alot of pokemon stuff for birthdays and christmas. One day my mom bought me an eevee plush from 1996 filled with the beads and ever since that day I fell in love with eevee! I also have a tattoo of eevee!!

Anyways heres a picture of my collection, hope to make friends and show you guys my collection growing!
Tags: eevee
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