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Introduction of a Mightyena Fan

Hello all! I'm takara_kitsune, but most people just call me Takara. I tend to get a bit too detailed when I get on a roll, but I'll try to keep it short as to not bore anyone to death. I'm also pretty bad at introductions, so here goes!

I've been a big fan of Pokemon for about 15 years, I got into it in mid-1999, and haven't left since. I initially started with the cards, and then started with the games. Overall, the games persisted, and I've collected the cards on and off for the last 10 years.

I've collected all of the games for Nintendo platforms that were released in North America, and I made a point of getting a few of the titles we didn't as imports. (I own Japanese copies of Pokemon Trading Card GB2 and Pokemon Typing Adventure, and I have the EU release of Pokemon Shock Tetris for the Pokemon Mini.)

Anyway, as far as merchandise, I've mostly collected Pokedolls, Jakks plushes, Pokepla, Pokemon Rumble U figures, and various promotional figures that were bundled with TCG boxes. However, I up until recently thought there was a severe lack of proper collectables for my absolute favorite Pokemon, Mightyena.

I have since began an intensive search for any Mightyena merchandise I can locate, and I have managed to obtain the Chupa Surprise Mightyena, the Pokemon Kids Mightyena, and was able to get an awesome custom Mightyena Pokedoll made by the awesome yellow_fr3ak. Over the last couple weeks, I became aware of many types of figures I didn't even know existed (including said Chupa Surprise figures) and the Keshipoke figures... but ultimately I have found out about what is my current #1 item I'm searching for, my "grail" at this time: The Pokemon Trading Figure Game Mightyena.

Anyway, at this time, I realize I am competing with many others, but will gladly help others find what they're after, and also appreciate any help others may provide me in my searches.

While Mightyena is my absolute favorite, I am also an avid fan and collector of Poochyena, Growlithe, Arcanine, Vulpix, Ninetales, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Fennekin.

I currently have no Growlithe, Arcanine, Vulpix, or Ninetales merchandise, but any I can get my hands on would be awesome.

On Entei, I have ordered what *appears* to be the actual TFG figure. We will see when it arrives. I am also looking for the Tomy moncolle figure.

For Suicune, I am searching for the Series 10 Keshipoke figure, Tomy moncolle figure, and the TFG figure.

For Raikou, I am looking for the Series 10 Keshipoke, moncolle figure, and the TFG figure.

Mightyena is the toughest one at the moment, as I am searching for the Keshipoke figure, the Tomy moncolle figure, the TFG figure, and any other figures or merchandise I may have missed.

I've currently got a good collection of Fennekin stuff going (both the small and large Tomy plushes, and the Pokedoll!) so I'm not actually after anything at the moment on that front. (But might be looking into getting the Braixen and Delphox plushes at a later time!)

Anyway, I do not have any good photos of my collection available at the moment, as my Pokemon items displayed on shelves with my other obsessions: Zoids, My Little Pony, and Lego. (And various wolf and fox figures I've gotten over the years.) I will try and sort things out so I can put some pictures up. I look forward to participating here, and hope I didn't bore anyone to death. Thanks for reading! :3
Tags: arcanine, entei, fennekin, growlithe, mightyena, ninetales, poochyena, raikou, suicune, vulpix
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