Splash (splash) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Skarmory TOMY Moncolle question

So I have 3 Skarmory TOMY Moncolle I know are all legit (one I bought MIB which is on left and front) and the other 2 are from JP lots that had no fakes), but I just wonder if there were different versions of them because it's just hard to keep track of all the re-releases and whatnot...
For some reason, one of them has the red painted in the back of the wing ("anatomically" incorrect)... so I was wondering how that came to be, like if it's part of a certain set release (I remember seeing Skarmory in a set but I don't have a picture of it nor do I remember what the set was called), or if it's just pure official mispainting... xD Please enlighten me if you have any info :D

(man I feel like this comm should have a moncolle tag because it is important hahaha... there's the tomy tag but tomy does so many pokemon products in general now...)

Hope to be posting about this pretty thing I got after a longggg wait in my next post :D

ORAS hype!

Also my wants list has been updated again!! Looking for a certain Eevee plush that I'm not sure if anyone in the comm even has~ owo
Tags: figures, skarmory, tomy, wanted, wants
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