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Feels like forever! collection update and wants

yeah, seriously does! Feels like forever since I've done an actual post on here ovo!
Some may know me, some may not. I collect eevees.. Allot of them.


Both pics are recent but ive not used LJ in forever so I think if you click them they go bigger e_e! Go me for not understanding anything anymore hah! So these are my pride and joys. I do also have a super large zorua collection as hes my second baby but I don't have the full collection in photos ( as I had double of some and where selling them ) so I'll get a picture of them soon!


these are my two most recent. I cannot believe I got the shiny eevee rumble figure.. And by complete luck as it was on CEX website! I was so scared it'll come and be a normal vee but no.. look at her in all her glory! And the little sleeping one is just so detailed and amazing. Its easily a fave! Then I believe I have all the pokebox eevee charms, I think they are so cute.. I put all my pokebox charms together ( sorry for the mlp one ) wonder what ones next! :O

And I love them so much that I have some pokemon tattoos ( I have a fair few tats, but pokemon specific I'll post now ) (:

that last eevee is on my leg, sorry for the awful pictures uvu! And I have a pokeball on my foot but it needs serious fixing. The artist rushed it.. fun.
Sorry some are upside down etc! And zorua needs a touchup and finishing but.. I kinda fell pregnant when I got him done so I cant finish that yet~! Show me yours, I love poketats :D

Okay so apart from showing off the vees and zoruas.. I've been slightly away for a bit because im 6 months pregnant and times been given to her! ;c; can I have a highfive from some mums here~!

But what I was wondering, as i've not been around for a while I know theres been a recent eevee lotto and I have been searching high and low on YJ for that laying down plush and shes been impossible to find! Does anyone have one for sale? ( Im in the UK just to let you know )

and secondly. I seriously cannot say no to an eevee, if anyone has any vees for sale ( pref in the UK due to shipping ) I'd love to see what you have... Don't be shy! ( I do NOT collect flats )

hope everyone is enjoying this heat <3 it's nice to be back
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