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A crazy story of a grail get

This morning, I woke up to bid for Sleeping Pachirisu 1:1 plush on Y!J using Buyee.com, and at that time, it was like $60. So I was ok, I will bid $70 when it was 6 minutes left of the auction. I am a very last minute bidder because I don't like to raise the price of the item I am planning to bid on until the last few minutes of the auction. So I was going to enter 6,977 yen but somehow I added a 5 at the end, and because I wanted to bid before the 5 minutes mark that extends the auction, I just clicked OK. And then I realized my mistake and I was in PANIC. I bidded 69,775 yen instead of 6,977 yen!!!! I was in such a hurry to get my bid in that I made a stupid mistake. However, the listing ended at 18,500 yen because I am using Buyee.com, and someone bidded for 18,000 yen but since I place such a high bid, the system automatically bid the next highest bid, 18,500 yen to outbid the other person.

At first all the panic was because I thought I have to pay almost $7,000 for an item that isn't worth that much. But when the listing ended, it was 18,500, at that time because I just work up and all, and thought that I have to pay over $2,000 (cus the fees and all) for this. I went to the bank to stop payment of anything over $1,000. When I got home...I looked at my paypal and I can see that the payment already went through :( But then I realized something, isn't 18,500 yen around $185 (cus removing the 2 zeros)? I double checked with google lol, and yes, indeed it was just a bit over $200 for 20,550 yen total. And then I felt so stupid cus I made myself worry. I even called my bf and I was going crazy over the phone =.=; I am glad at least one person was calm in this situation.

Here's a picture of the item I won:

Not even sure if the price I paid for it is worth it...but apparently it is quite rare. The seller listed as used. I am not even sure if it has all tags. And not sure if it also comes with the pokemon on the right. Please let me know what you guys think to calm my nerves....>.<''
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