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Lots of gets + Super and Mega Discounts o/ + PC Paris postcards auction !

Hi everyone!
So, first of all the PC Paris postcards auction
Sans titre-1
Click on the picture to be transported to the auction on ebay o/

I used pictures of my set in order to not damage the one I'm selling (the postcards are stuck to one another, you know) so it is unused :)
For the story I was keeping this set for someone, but as I have no news I thought other persons could be happy to own it. Also I decided to put it up for auction instead of simply selling it for two reasons: this gives everyone the same chance to own it and also because I need money and think that an auction may be more interesting for me.

By the way, some "Super" and "Mega" Discounts have been added to my sales ^^ Take a look o/

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

And now let's see my July gets !!! (even if I'm still waiting for two packages lol)

I was able to get them thanks to a friend of niraito. Thank you both :)

In early July took place a French Con named "Japan Expo" where I was able to find a lot of adorable custom things <3 The McDonald's figures were from a trade with a friend.

IMG_8001 (2)
Chus' invasion continues with Big Ones...and yet I don't have space (> <)
Also I found this beautiful ANA blanket (70x120cm).

Finally I got my Mega Chars !!! So happy <3
A bit more expensive than what I would have paid in April but a reasonable price compared to some scary prices here and there.

Sans titre-1
Gorgeous Meowstics pair rubber stamp from +Poke Box+ <3

All this cuteness *o*
I hadn't realized Pikachu's fabric was shining. It's rather nice.
Then a lot of cute Pokémon Petit and Pokédolls (OMG that Tyrunt <3)
Ditto just to complete my set (he is not as cute as the other Peeking ones IMO)
M-Venusaur was my favorite but his flowering is quite disappointing as it's a bit flat :/ (maybe it's just mine that isn't perfect but if you look at him from above his flowering is more rectangular than circular :S)

Yes, I succumbed to the PokéTime straps...x) I miss so many :O
For Ampharos and Mew I preferred the earphones Jack as the backround is more beautiful.
And let's end with that percfect thing, the Klefki keychain o/

A bit different from the original one haha
Maybe he is not perfect in fact, as it would have been so nice that the key on his head opens something like a box, don't you think ? :o

Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my collection website :

And I also have a Fb page for my collection (don't hesitate to like or comment ^^):
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