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Small sales update!

I dug out some more things and added them to my sales! More clearfiles and a stack of individual diecut Pokemon Time stickers are now available :D I also still have tons of plush (over 100), piles upon piles of clearfiles, stacks of charms, Pokedoll and Pokemon Time merch, stickers and stationery, Poke Box items and heaps more available (way more than what's in the preview pic)! Click below to check everything out:

Also just a little reminder of my huge weeding auctions going on, featuring over 50 plush, a bunch of zukan and rare Pokemon Time and Pokedoll items among other items - most things still either have no bids or are at the starting bid! Items include a DX Wailord Pokedoll, Airgurumi Drifloon plush, fuzzy DX Raichu UFO, rare Pokedolls like Corphish, Budew, Marill and Altaria, Wailord Pokemon Time earphones, and more :D

And here's a bonus collection picture, because I haven't done a collection update in literally years:

(I have more, I promise! I'm just lazy with photos/some are in storage.)
Tags: piplup, sales
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