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Intro + Collection

I've finally brought up the courage to join this community. I've been a Pokemon fan for as long as I can remember (my cousins introduced me back in 2000). I used to have a TON of  stuff as a kid, but I went through a stage in my tweens where I thought I outgrew it and gave a bunch of plush and almost ALL my cards away. Silly twelve-year-old me didn't understand that you're never too old for Pokemon.

Anyway I've recently started collecting again. It's difficult to find merch for a decent price in Canada so I'm hoping the comm will help with my search for goodies. I currently collect whatever tickles my fancy (mostly plush), but I'm debating about starting an Ampharos collection, as he's one of my favourite designs (along with Flaaffy). I also have a soft spot for Eevee and Umbreon.

Please let me know if I did the cut, and pictures correctly

Umbreon figures

At least I kept all my figures! Now Umbreon guards them. Mostly TOMYs, but a few are bootlegs


The Jakks are all from years ago, and my Squirtle is very well loved. The Charmander is a bootleg (China Town Special!) and I have my suspicions about the eevee and umbreon. Eevee is missing hang tags and tush tags, and although umbreon came with official looking tags I got them from the same person.

also I love my 3DS decal

New gets

Items that came to me last week. The Zangoose PT was my first purchase from Sunyshore, and I couldn't have been happier with the transaction. It's what prompted me to go ahead and join the community.

The Lying HQ Eevee is one of my favourites. He was my first eBay auction and I got him for a very reasonable price.

I'm looking forward to what this community has to offer, and making some new friends!
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