xeeveex (xeeveex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long Time No See! - Updates and Special Search/Surprise (Please Help!)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all have been doing well - very busy on my end here. With wedding planning AND working through home buying, it has been quite crazy! Through it all my fiancee has been wonderful, and I come to you with a search today for some very special pokedolls I'm hoping to get (as a welcome home gift - we already picked out the area we will be creating our poke-collection :) ):

- Waillord pokedoll (does not have to have tag, would be great if it did, my fiancee just loves this little guy)
- Mega Charizard Y pokeplush
- Mega Charizard X pokeplush

and one for me..because it was just my birthday >>

- Sylveon Pokedoll

Any help would be great, I prefer shipping to have tracking (and I can pay via paypal if issued an invoice).

Thanks a bunch!

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