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New Member Looking For Eevee Plush + Other Plush!

Hello there, my name is Jay, and I am a new member to the community! I have always seen this community pop up on Google while looking for Pokemon plush for sale, so I figured that I might as well join and see if I can start with my collection. The only eevee item I currently have is a pokedoll, and I would love it if I could get some other plush. :)
I also love sylveon, espurr, and vulpix. I will post pictures of items I am looking for under the cut!

Currently, my budget is around $200. That's probably all my mom will let me spend on "useless plush" anyway. :p

Note: All images found on Google, I don't own any of these images.

Plush I am interested in(in order of priority):
HQ I <3 Eevee(I'd like to pay $40 or less) May have found one

HQ I <3 Eevee Lying Down(I'd like to pay $40 or less)

Super DX Eevee Plush(Around $20 or less) May have found one

Talking Sylveon Plush($40 or less)

Adorable Fuzzy Tomy Eevee Plush(???)

Takaratomy Sylveon Plush(I would like to pay $30 or less) May have found one

1:1 Lifesize Eevee Plush($50 or less)

Spring/Flower Eevee Plush(???)

Espurr Wanted! Plush($20 or less)

Prices based on what I've seen on Ebay, the community, etc.
I am also interested in other eevee plush, but it all depends on the price of the item and how cute it is!

I do not care about tags, and I only ask that the plush in question be in nice condition(no major flaws, maybe a scratch of paint gone on an eye or a small rip; pictures of any flaws would be nice).

Since I still live at home and would have to pay through my mom's paypal, I would have to wait and ask her about any transactions that may transpire. I would like to try to get good deals on the above plush before I resort to Ebay/Amazon.

Like I said, I'd be interested in other eevee plush as well, but only eevee.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: eeveelution, espurr, pokedolls, sylveon, wants
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