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Newbie here... small collection and a quick want!

Hey everyone! My name is Robert and I'm an old time Pokémon fan based out of south Florida, United States. I'm mid Gen Y, so I'm an older fan (26, going on 27 this time next month) and even though I'm not as actively obsessed with it as I was when I was a kid in the late 90's, I still play the games. I also collect merchandise from time to time... mostly plushes, but I'll also collect figures as I see fit. I have a tendency to collect merchandise almost exclusively of the Pokémon I use on my team in the games.

Here's a pic of some of the Pokémon on my team that I own plushes of (I don't use Joltik, but he's so cute!):

As you can see, my collection is by no means massive, though there is some rare fabric in there. That's a Rayquaza DX Pokédoll, that Metagross Pokédoll is pretty rare too, and the Leafeon is the original release with the star shaped tag (2007). What's amazing, though, is that I got these plushes when they were first released (Metagross from overseas, and Rayquaza when he was available at the old US Pokémon Center website), so I'm the original owner of these plushes; just to give an idea about how long I've been into buying them. I still have the original hang tags of all the plushes pictured in perfect condition (except for Typhlosion and Joltik, because they are factory rejects I got from Chinese sellers). They all have their tush tags too.

Anyway, I'm here to collect some merch' I've been wanting for awhile and even seek custom work. My favorite Pokémon of all time is Rayquaza, so I might seek something rare of him from time to time.

In fact...

Currently seeking a rather rare Rayquaza figure. All I know is that it's a larger Tomy figure that is bendable/poseable and, according to one website, it's European in origin? Here's a pic of it:


The reason I want it so much is because I love the anatomy of this figure. Its modeling and shape is more organic and full of vitality than most of the Rayquaza figures out there. If anyone has any leads to this figure or one they're willing to part with, let me know! I respect value, so I can pay accordingly.

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