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Hey guys! It's been awhile since I posted, but I just have a couple of questions and frustrations under the cut for Australian TCG collectors, especially those from NSW or the ACT. I also have a want that is not under the cut, from anyone pls

1) Who are you guys????
- All the Australians I've met on the community have either been from Victoria or South Australia, and frankly, it's getting a bit lonely here. I'm from NSW originally but I moved to the ACT for uni, and because I'm embarrassed about my addiction to Pokemon because none of my friends at college are into Pokemon, I don't really have anyone to share my collection with :(
It'd be nice to know who I can trade or buy from directly, and I always thought it would be nice to do group orders from international sellers together, but most importantly I'd love to meet you guys and be reassured that I'm not the only one here!

2) Where do you guys buy your sleeves and, more importantly, binders?
- I'm talking big booty binders, for an entire set of 100+ cards. I know Gametraders and GoodGames sell some binders and Ultrapro deck sleeves, but my local stores in Sydney don't seem to sell penny sleeves or toploaders. I should probably add that I don't actually know where the gaming stores are in Canberra because, like I said, none of my friends are into that kinda stuff. Also, a lot of the things in these chain stores tend to be overpriced, so I was wondering if anyone had any cheaper suggestions?

3) Anyone want to trade?
- I just got my 10th positive feedback and I like shiny things. So any holos, reverse-holos, or EX-es would be nice! But please note, I only want/have cards from the B/W expansion packs (NOT the base set though) and the XY base set!! Maybe you could link me to a trades list? Keep in mind I don't actually have any particularly valuable cards though, so partial trades could work, or if I want them enough and if the price is alright I might consider buying them too.

I also breed Pokemon for a living (not really, I'll probs need a bit of time) and I'm far from finishing the Pokedex on XY, so I'd be open to in-game trades too, even temporary ones, if you'd like to help me out :D

As for my want, does anybody have the McDonalds Pikachu plush they would like to sell? It can be in any condition, since he will not go un-hugged and I would rather pay less to receive a tagless plush. Please include pictures if you can! Because the ones I'm actually looking for are the ones with the half-hidden noses (or just straight up noseless lol if that's all you have)
Shipping would be to Australia and I don't actually know how much these things go for so please hit me up with prices. I've seen a loved one being sold on the comm for as little as $3 dollars in an old sales post, which would be AMAZING, but I'm going to be more realistic obviously when I consider your suggestions/offers :P

Thanks fellas! xx
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