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What to do on a Saturday Night?

I have had such a rough week, and I needed to do something creative with my hands. Of course, photography is done with my hands, but I needed to craft.

So, I remembered that I had bought a ton of felt in the fall to make a gift. Then I lost said bag, and the project was never started. When I cleaned, I found the bag and put it where I could find it. My friend told me to take it all back and get my money back, but I knew it would be used someday!

And today was that day! So, with some felt, fleece, glue, scissors and embroidery thread... I came up with this:

It's a Shaymin Scarf!!!!!

I'm not really happy with the face, there is something funky, but I can't figure it out. Hmm?

Other than that, for 3 hours of work, I am quite happy. I think this year, I will making one of these for both of my kids. They both fawned over it and begged me to give it to one of them!
I am however, thinking about selling this one, since Shaymin isn't really anyone's favorite here. I'm making Groudon for my son and Buneary for my daughter.

This one was easy. I have a feeling Groudon is gonna be a big PITA!

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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