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Re-intro/Collection Update!

Hey everyone! I decided to go ahead and do this re-intro/collection update post, so here goes! :)

My name is Sarah (I usually go by Sarah or Toasty online or you can just call me by my username) and I live in the UK! I'm a 25 year old collector and have been a fan of Pokemon since Red and Blue came out. Well... actually I did fall out of love with the series just before 3rd Gen came out, but one day I decided to play Crystal again for nostalgia and ended up hooked! Since then I picked up Emerald and Platinum when it was released, and have been following along ever since.

I've been a member of the comm for some years now and my collection has changed a lot. I tend to go into lurking mode when I'm low on funds/space to help resist the temptation of all the amazing merch out there, but have tried to be a tiny bit more active lately. XD

My favourite Pokemon is currently Greninja and I am actively collecting his merch, both shiny and normal forms, as well as customs! :D Which is odd because I really didn't like his design when I first saw it, but when I got him in game I fell in love with him. <3 I also have a 'main' collection of Reshiram and N but haven't been pursuing things for it lately, other than the Reshiram Lotto figure I missed out on. ;; Other than that, I'm mostly collecting Abra line, Natu line and Swablu line things as smaller side collections. I also love Pokedolls though I'm trying to stick to favourites and have numerous 'random' plush and figures of 'mons I like but don't want to actively collect. ^^ I have a liking for Infernape lately but really just want the TOMY plush of him at the moment. Novelty things interest me too so I'll sometimes grab them!

For photos of my collection please look under the cut!

(Ignore the other stuff |D)
Pokedoll/small plush shelf! And my Abra/Natu/Swablu stuff in the middle~

My other main shelves where my Reshi, N and Greninja stuff resides. I have a couple of Froakie things too because I love his happy/chilled face! I'm waiting on a Greninja Pose figure to arrive as well as a custom plush and should have another custom and the kid figure in future. I also still need the big PokeCen plush. D: I'm really excited for him being in the new Smash Bros. and will have to look out for his Amiibo too!


Reshi plush!

Reshi and N (and extras~)

I hang all my MPC plush on my door. I also really like Poketime but try and hold out for plush of my favs. Still hoping to get the Bulbasaur/Squirtle keychain plush one day, I love their silly faces and opening mouths~

Giratina chilling with a monkey and all my charms that aren't part of a collection. XD

Random plush corner. Hawlucha is shy?? |D

Another random corner! I really like the hanafuda cards and would love to frame them up one day. ^^

And finally I'll leave you with my Lucario cushion, cuddly cute 1:1 Natu plush (thank you sorjei!) and his friend the Squishable Kappa because round things are great. XD

Thanks for checking it out! ^^ And thanks to everyone who has helped me build my collection through sales, trades and commissions, you're all great!
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