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Final auction reminder and another sales update!

Hello everyone~ This is the final reminder for my auctions that are ending in about 34 hours (just under a day and a half)!

I'm weeding through a lot of my precious collection items, and many still have no bids or are at their starting bid! There's more than what's in the ghetto preview pic, I couldn't fit everything in... but I have a DX Wailord Pokedoll still at starting price (and shipping is surprisingly not bad!), Airgurumi Drifloon plush, fuzzy DX Raichu UFO, rare Pokedolls like Corphish, Budew, Marill and Altaria, Wailord Pokemon Time earphones, zukan and more :D This link or the pic above will take you there!

In addition, I got some new stuff in today which I've added to my sales post because it didn't have Carbinks or Combees! Mostly Japanese design goods and movie-related Pokemon Center stuff, you can head over here to see it (and my millions of other items):

All shipping can of course be combined with auctions! And as a special promo, if you make a new order that is $80 or more before shipping, you'll get 10% off as long as you state the special code ROCKFAIRY (because Carbinks!)! (This doesn't stack with clearfile quantity discounts, but if you'd save more from the 10% off the whole order than from the clearfile discount, you'll get the whole-order discount.) Offer is valid till the end of auctions, so bid and combine away :D

(To those who purchased from me over the last week, I'll be shipping items out over the course of this week!)
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