Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

what is this? plus a specific want

I just found this image, and I'm interested in the Hawlucha thing, of course. Can anyone tell me what it is, and how/where to find it?

EDIT: Just found out they're called "ポケモンバトルホイールストライク" (Pokémon Battle Wheel Strike) but I can only found older sets for sale, not this current movie set.

Speaking of Hawlucha, I have added a few items in my want list, please let me know if any of you has anything pictured there for sale!


The most notable addition is this:

I only need the EMPTY BOX of this set, just the cardboard parts that feature Hawlucha. So if anyone is planning to buy this set only for the figures, please keep me in mind for the box!
Tags: hawlucha, wanted
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