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(( Collection Update )) 私はポケモン愛!!

Hi!! I just got some new packages full of pokedolls and i decided to make a collection update!! i was going to wait for the buneary i bought from lookpal (i dont know how to do the LJ member blue thingie...) xDD but well i am too inpatient so i decided to not only post my updtae but to post my full colection so you can see how much it has grown since i first showed it!!

So here are the Pokedolls!!

I got these during the week, the first package came with these four beauties:

Ummm well, Munchie was supposed to be a pokedoll... but i guess that the seller had them backordered... anyways im gonna try to get the tomy munchie xD!! but i finally got my flareon and my Jolty as well as shinx!!!1 They are so cute and cuddly and are my frst pokedolls!!

The next day another package arrived with these two guys:

And what a better way to celebrate halloween having a rotom pokedoll xD!! i love him so much!! and the espeon plush gives a boost to my psychic pokemon collection!!

And to finish everything, these plushies arrived on friday!!!
And well this was my favorite package....

How great!! two very rare plushies xDD!! i love lapras so much!! i cant stop hugging her and well i actually gave a name to her xDD her name is Demi!! i dont know but the name got into my head eventually xDD!!

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for..... (drums)

My Full Colllection!!!!!

This time, my collection will be classified in types. And i will post my wishlist in every type so you can know how much plushes i have left to complete the type xDD and well if anyone wants to help with the wishlist i will be very happy xD so we start with..... :

Normal type.

They are normally cute xDDD
Wishlist: Tomy Munchlax 10" plush, Absol UFO 11" plush, Lickilicky pokedoll.

Leaf Type.

Incredibly colorful!!
Wishlist: Landmin 10" tomy plush, Leafeon pokedoll, Leafeon Tomy plush (coming soon).
Celebi big plush.

Water Type.

Beauty and cuitie!! haha xD
Wishlist: Azurill Hasbro plush, Spheal pokedoll, Glaceon pokedoll, Glaceon tomy plush (coming soon), Squirtle Mystery Dungeon 10" plush!!

Fire Type.

Blaze cuteness!!
Wishlist: Vulpix Tomy plush, Chimchar 10" tomy plush.

Psychic Type.

So cute that confuse xDD
Wishlist: Mespirit, Azlef, Uxie plushies.

Flying Type.

Wow!! so winged xDD i love Chatot!!
Wishlist: Drifloon plush, Flygon plush, Lugia big plush xDD.

Rock/Steel Type

Well i kinda feel disappointed of this type of my collection....
Wishlist: Cranidos jakks plush.

Dark/Ghost Type.

The darkest part of my collection xDD
Wishlist: Umbreon pokedoll, Mismagius pokedoll.

Fighting Type.

Oh... Poor Riolu so alone... But i hug him everyday so no worries xDD
Wishlist: Lucario pokedoll or Lucario Tomy 10" plush.

And now.... my favorite type of Pokemon.... Last but not least.... it's..

The Electric Type!!

Electrifying Super powerfully cute!!!! I love so much my Luxray!!
Wishlist: Pichu brother 2 (the one with hair in the head), and well im really looking for a Raichu UFO plush.... Hope to get it soon... (I lost the last auction...)

I hope you really like my collection guys!! and ummm if anyone helps me i love to trade xDD

Thanks guys!!
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