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Quick Collection + Sales Post

Hi, Everyone, long time no post! Things are really hectic (juggling grad school apps, GRE, work, and customs). I just wanted to post a photo of my pokedoll collection. I'm not really into collecting all of them; I just buy the ones that I like.

Also, I just updated my permanent sales post with pokedolls, canvases, and other miscellaneous items. Come take a look! I'm open to haggling. Click the link or banner to be transported!

Now...onto the photos!

My newest get:


SPHEAL POKEDOLL! Agh, the roundness and cuteness. He's a bit loved looking, so I'm going to give him a little bath (worked well for my loved Buizel). I was quite happy to get him for a good price.

And here's my pokedoll collection so far:

Regular pokedolls (with a couple Pokecen thrown in):
It's a plush rainbow lol

Other pokedolls:

Non-plush pokedoll merch:
pinpin back
I got this pin last year. I just had to have it because it has Bulbasaur on it (which is my favorite pokedoll :D). The artwork on the back is really cute.

These utensils are super cute. I also saw Pikachu and Lucario ones.

And that's it for my pokedolls!

I was wondering if anyone is interested in this Pokemon Time Charmander keychain. I was considering selling it, but I'm still unsure. If there's enough interest, I may put it up for auction.

And I just wanted to quickly share a couple cases I made (the original artwork isn't mine). I painted them myself using acrylics.

That was a lot longer than I expected, although I haven't made a post in a long time. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit my sales!
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