ckoizumi (ckoizumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reshiram Plush Collectors, Help Please!

For anyone who collects Reshiram plushies, I would like your opinion. Which plush do you think is better: the Takara Tomy poseable plush or the Pokemon Center plush (US or Japan)?

reshi-poseable VS reshi-pc

I really want a Reshiram plush, but I need to be a little more choosy with my spending right now, so I'm trying to decide whether it is better to invest in the Takara Tomy poseable plush or the PC plush.

Please tell me which you think is better and why. The more details the better. :D Do you like the feel of one more than the other? The look? The size? The art on the hand tag? The tush tag? Anything would be helpful. :3

If you choose the PC plush and would like to comment on the difference between the US and Japan versions, go right ahead!

Also, pictures are more than welcome.

Thank you! :D

EDIT (8/13/14): Thank you to everyone who gave me advice about these plushes. I went with the Takara Tomy plush. You can see my follow-up post about it here. Thanks again! :D
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