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I have updated my sales post with quite a few new items, and have also lowered prices on almost all of the current items in my shop! This will probably be my last sales post for a while, so check it out before it's all gone~

.50 each

$4 for the rare Lugia one
$2 for the poop with peas sticking out of it


Salamence is $3
Clear Electivire $3
The rest are $1


Piplup charm $1

BK Mewtwo Toy (DOES NOT LIGHT UP) $2

Dialga projecting Pokeball $4

Groudon Pez $4

Gold squishy Charizard figure $3

10th Anniversary Pikachu promo $3
Imakuni's Doduo $8
Cool Porygon - $2
Bulbasaur Deck promo Venusaur - $3
LT Surge's promo glossy Electabuzz - $6
Everything else .50 cents each

.50 cents each

10th Anniversary NASA Space Center promo $4
Everything else .50 cents

.50 cents each

.50 cents each

.50 cents each

.50 cents each

.50 cents each

.50 cents each

.50 cents each

And finally, a non-Pokemon related item GASSP D:

Awesome rare Banpresto KK SLIDER plush (Pokedoll size) SOLD

3. Shipping is $2 worldwide(assuming it'll fit inside a standard envelope).
4. Items will be sent out either Thursday or Friday.
5. DO NOT SEND THE MONEY UNTIL I HAVE CONFIRMED THE TRANSACTION! Payments will be sent to pr[at] . Also, please write in the Paypal receipt what you're buying, in case I have to go back through the transactions later
6. Due to being screwed over several times, I will no longer make any holds on cards. It is really inconvenient and inconsiderate to have me hold several cards you have no intention of paying for when there's someone else that wants them and can pay instantly. I can still hold cards for one or two hours, but I will not hold them overnight, or for several days ever again.. NO EXCEPTION!

Those rules are pretty simple, and I will be VERY HAPPY if you help me out. If you do not abide by them I have the right to ignore your reply if I can't understand what you're ordering. Thank you for understanding, and happy shopping!

Whoops sorry about putting that lj-cut in the wrong spot D:
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