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Hello everyone! Today, I have finally finished updating my collection site's Flygon page (it also has Vibrava and Trapinch)!! I have been hard at work trying to update my collection site with everything... I wish I had updated it a little bit at a time as I got the stuff, but I kept putting it off :P I haven't finished my other pokemon pages yet, but I decided to start with Flygon and complete the others later. Every time I thought I had gotten everything, I remembered something else that I forgot to photograph, haha. But I think I got it all this time! ... except for one thing, my Trapinch settei - which I hid away for safe keeping and cannot find at the moment. >_> Sorry that I don't have a pretty picture of the whole collection together - I actually don't have room to display all of it right now. :[ So, I took to taking individual pictures and keeping the collection stored in a box.  Btw, pleaseee let me know if you find any problems with the site! If you have trouble loading all the images, let me know -- I'm thinking about separating the different sections into different pages.

Anyway, here you go! :)

Flygon Collection
Tags: collection, collection update, flygon, trapinch, vibrava
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