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Looking for some wants; rare clapping eevee, old laying plush and pokemon HeartGold

Hello everyone!
So I am looking for a few items and I would love to trade for them!
But for some of them, mostly the plushies I can offer a little cash too~

So without further ado here are a few items I am seeking!
Would anyone be interested in trading?

-My MEGA Grail: Megnet clapping Eevee plush: I can offer ALL the items + a few others for this plush including some cash, please throw me an offer, I've been looking for this baby for a year~

-I am looking for a better condition laying eevee plush; without any holes.
It can be tagless I don't mind. I can offer any items for this cutie as well. (:

^For those 2 plushies I can offer my small Tyrunt collection of the: PC and pokedoll plush, I also have an Eevee drawstring bag I can offer as well, but just for these 2 items. :3

Pokemon Heartgold
Pokemon Heartgold: I am fine with just the game as long as it works and is in great condition!

I regret selling mine away; I can offer any item for this amazing game. Or I hope to buy it for $25 shipped. IF not I would love to trade/partial payment.

I may be interested in a few figures but the most are kids; just let me know of the condition. I would prefer to trade for them, but you may throw me a price, epically for the Houndour figure.

Houndour action figure
Houndour and Houndoom
Houndour figure
-Houndour BMF*
Sitting Eevee kid
Open mouth Eevee kid
Crouching Eevee kid
Winking attack figure
standing togekiss figure
Ampharos kid
DX Dragonite Kid
Satchel Dragonite Kid
Waving Dragonite Kid
Arms out Dragonite Kid

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

I can offer any items located in my weebly page:
Items for trade
Tags: ampharos, dragonite, eevee, houndoom, houndour, togekiss, wants
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