tamago226 (tamago226) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Update, and Pumpkins!

Hello all! I've just restocked my store with some movie goodies and various other items, so feel free to take a look!

I hate posting sales without something else to look at, so I decided to do a Pumpkin Update! Well, I guess it's more like an introduction since no one has seen my pumpkins yet, but either way it is time for PUMPKINS:

Plushies!! The big one I won off Y!J, but the smaller one I actually won in a crane game myself when I went to Tokyo earlier this year!! I think I was a tad too excited because the guy at the game center was looking at me like he was highly worried. ^^;;

My army of KIDS. I have to refrain from buying more, but I settled on 10 in the end. I needed a pumpkin patch, you don't understand. Or maybe you do. I don't know.

The Charms, Metal Pokedex Keychain, and die! I wear one set of charms on my backpack, so they aren't pictured here.

Can Badges! I collect Inkay as well, so the Team Rocket Badge was a must for me. <333 Inkay update will be coming sometime relatively soon as well. ^^;; When there are shelves.

Gourgeist Clearfile! I'm still searching for Pumpkaboo, because I thought OH PokeCen will get them back in stock!! .....they never did, OTL. Sooooooooo yea...still searching for that one.

Cards!!! Still missing the Reverse holo of Gourgeist, and the Japanese versions of the cards (I don't often buy the card packs because I have terrible luck).

Various Stickers and Tretta! To be honest I thought I would have to buy the tretta online, but there's a store just a little while from me that sells them, so I was able to snag these two! Hopefully they'll have the new one in a few weeks, too. <33

And that's it for pumpkins at the moment! I'm still searching for a few (and waiting for that 35cm one to come out oh my goodness), but I'm very happy with them at the moment! Who else collects pumpkins here? Do you have photos to share of your collection?

Thanks for looking!! Have a great one! <3
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