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Pokemon Town Korea 2014!

Hello fellow Pokemon Collectors! Mitchi here, bringing you coverage of the big summer korean pokemon event, Pokemon Town!

Okay now that I'm done being dumb and pretending to be a reporter, Here's the highlights of pokemon town~

Warning! lots of pictures!

The entrance! Gonna be a fun day :D

These were the bracelets they gave us for entry when we bought our tickets :3

Charizard giveaway? CHARIZARD GIVEAWAY


Charizard GET. Yes, I'm using a US game and system. I can still get pokemon from Infrared events! The ones they gave people with Y had charizardite X, and the X people got Charizardite Y. The giveaway was sponsored by a TV network (I think).

A view of the event hall.

Inflatable starters are here to greet everyone!

Gen 3 hyyyyype

So I found out what those clear figs are for! They're sorta like pogs or something. You put yours on the ground and your opponent throws theirs at your pokemon and tries to flip it over or something. I don't know. But the kids sure were having fun with them! The shop actually sold out of them. Luckily, I managed to get a case (each case has 21 figs - 20 in blind boxes and one large box topper).

What's this?


It's so cute!

Unfortunately, none of the Pokecenter stuff they had on display was actually for sale. Arg I want that pikachu rice bowl so badly. If anyone on the comm happens to be selling one for a reasonable price, please let me know! I wouldn't mind those glasses either but i'm worried they'd break.

Pokemon Center playset for your tomy figs! I'm planning on getting one of these to use to display my few tomys.

Now onto the shop!

Cute little suction ball things.

I'm not sure what the thing on the left is. The husband doesn't know, and all it says "Summer Patch" which google has told me is a mosquito repellant patch. The bracelet thing on the right is actually a cute little mosquito repellant! There's a little bottle of bug repellant in the box, and you put a drop or two on the little square and it keeps bugs away. I got one for myself, but I can't decide if I should display it or use it. It's monsoon season, which means tons of mosquitoes everywhere. And I hate mosquitoes

Gachapons! Well sorta. They were blind box versions of the muskedeer zukans. I already have the Keldeo and Pikachu one, so I didn't get any of these.

PLUSHES. It was near impossible to get a good pic because these were the top sellers here. They're big and huggable, and over a foot tall. I missed my chance to get a fennekin to hug :(

Day planners! I suspect these will see release to the general public very soon as the next school year is coming up soon.

Pikachu punching bags! Was very tempted to get one.

Pencil cases. They had hard plastic and soft fabric ones.

The little wind-up paper craft things!

Tomy figs playset.

Adorable shirts! These were the closest to adult sized ones, but none would ever fit me I'm afraid :(

Kids sized shirts! The had one with chespin peeking his little head up like that froakie one.

I wish this big guy was for sale but alas, he was display only :(

Pokedolls! The were all sold out of Sylveon, dedenne, jirachi, Yvetal and Xerneas when I got there :(

That thing to the far right is a pokemon Golf club bag! And yes, people actually bought some. I saw one older dude with one :D

Stickers and miscellaneous items.


Though most of them were things I already have. The only ones i was interested in were the Mega Evolution phone charms, and the gen 5 stampers. I tried really hard to get an audino since I didn't get one last year, but nope, just tons of blitzle :(

Jirachi wishmaker promotion! Write a wish on a little star post it and put it on the board! They gave me a sheet of stickers for making a wish :D

By the end of the day the board was absolutely COVERED in wishes, there were even some from people from all over the world! I spotted Russian, possibly italian, japanese, chinese, and of course a few in english. One of the stars was someone wishing for the reunification of North and South Korea.

Pikachu Bakery! Don your apron and make some cute little pikachu cookies. You had to pay extra to participate, but you did get an apron and two cookies. The apron is tiny though, because it's kid sized. Lots of little kiddos were running around wearing their aprons.


More inflatable things! Charizard was looking a little drained.

Pokemon golf balls! These were display only and not for sale though. They were at a display celebrating the various pokemon games through the years.

TCG tourney trophies

Special SPs! Gen 3 because gen 3 hype.

By far the most beautiful 3DS LL I've seen to date. Why oh why do they have to be region locked? ;_______;

DS Lites

Old school over here!

Pikachus from around the world! They were all the same card, but each country had different art.


Italy-chu needs to lay off the pasta and pokepuffs.

Wall of TCG!

I don't wanna overload you guys with pics on this post, but I made an album!

Lots more things were going on there. There was this sheet that you had to get stamps on, which you did by going and doing different little games.

This attendant was being a cheating little bugger by bouncing at inopportune moments to make the kids miss the basket.

At the end of the games, when your stamps are complete, you got this shiny little pika pin!

Of course, me and my friends wore ours proudly for the rest of the day.

Adorable HGSS cosplayers!

Team Flare magic show~! I didn't get a pic of him playing with fire. Bad shot because i was halfway across the event hall. Praise Pidgeot for great zoom!


My friend was trying to shake his hand after to thank him, but the poor guy was blind as a bat without his glasses.

Full Album can be viewed here:

I'll post pics of my personal haul later this week. I'm exhausted from all the standing. Totally worth it though. :P
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