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A neat figure case :3c

Hey everyone~

Just sharing some ORAS hype~

With this neat case I got in a lot a long time ago and it finally arrived :D

The lot came with the awesome Rayquaza in the middle, but it's MISSING ITS TAIL *cry* Otherwise it fits SO PERFECTLY with the Hyper Size Groudon and Kyogre, SO PERFECT... I'd love to be able to get the full thing someday, so I'm desperately hoping they'll do some awesome re-releases or new releases of Rayquaza stuff when ORAS is out...


Eee the case is opened up and I've decided to make this my Gen 3 figure display case for now XD; It's basically all TOMYs with a few zukan/whatever pieces mixed in there.. Forgot to put in a few like the Feebas little figure, other figures/etc I have too... another day! To the left are just a bunch of the MIB ones I haven't had the heart to open yet... lol

Some other angles~
It's the only display case I have for my TOMYs right now, some day in the farther future I'll have the space to really lay them out... it sucks not having my own place yet ^^;;; (I'm subleasing)

Trades and wants lists updated! ~ And will be updating more throughout this week XD;
Tags: collection, collection update, figures, groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, tomy
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