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Sales and offers of clear kids for a grail!

Hello community! I'm sorry for coming back so soon but I need money to buy a grail so... let's have some offers of clear kids and plushies sales for you! I need the money soon so I'm open for all the offers and all the prices for plushies and anything on my sales post is OBO.

I received sales permission from dewott May 17th of 2013. I ship from Spain. You can find my feedback: HERE

  • Each clear kid is open for offers starting at 5$

  • Each MPC is for sale: 10$ OBO except Sylveon that is 15$ OBO.

  • SOLD: Froakie and Sylveon

Also, I'm open for art commissions, you can look for examples and info on the banner


And a box I got today. LOOK ALL THE CLEAR KIDS!!! CLEAR POLITOED OMG <3 And the Politoed Pokemon Time bookmark thanks to aarux for selling it to me <3 Buizel is the I <3 Marine and Hoothoot the SUPER CHUBBY UFO plush and the Charizard PT tin!

Thanks for reading!
Tags: offers, sales
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