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A few sales!

Need to clear some space/feed my bank account (it's hungry. Very hungry), so a small sales post. Paypal only, shipping from Australia, ask for quotes, all prices in US$. NO TRADES.

Electric Pikachu Boogaloo comic/manga: $3
European Kyogre phone charm with insert and capsule: $3
Piplup and Turtwig DS styluses, unassembled with insert: $4 each
Large Bellossom TOMY figure, mint with tag: $10 (I rather like her and will keep her if she doesn't sell, hence the price)

Tiny figurines; I'm not quite sure what these are, I'd been told they were keshipoke but then APPARENTLY NOT since they aren't in Pokeballs? $3 each, Charmander reserved for scarsofsunlight if she wants it.

Zukan: Mr. Mime/Mime Jr. x2, Sudowoodo/Bonsly, Venonat/Venomoth. $4 each.

European kids. Clear Jirachi and clear Deoxys $3 each, others $1 each.

Promotional prerelease sleeves; being prerelease sleeves, you can't get these anymore. $8 per sealed 60-count pack, multiples available.

AMADA STICKERS: please comment with the URL of the image and the grid reference of the sticker(s) you want, it's easiest that way. $1 each for holo stickers, $0.75 each for others.

There's also still stuff in shoppip, you can make offers on it if you want, I'd like to move it. CLUTTER CLUTTER CLUTTER.

Also: CARDS, LOTS OF THEM. I'm not playing at the moment, but I still have thousands of cards cluttering up my room. If there's anything in particular you're after, ask and I'll see if I have it.

pheonixxfoxx, I haven't forgotten, I just need to transfer cash from savings into transaction and will have it over on Tuesday my time (Monday yours). :)
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