Jenny Lynn (elekid) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jenny Lynn

A mini little gets post!

I've been having a blast finally being able to order things on my own- and of course, the first to be purchased were some 'mons I found for a great deal both on ebay and the comm!


The old Japanese TOMY talking pikachu! It was so much larger than I expected, and in amazing shape! I also got a MIP pikachu watch, but it's hanging up and I don't feel like pulling it down.

Who could be next?


A Scraggy Pokedoll from Cardwhale! I've been wanting one since they were first released, and he did not dissapoint (though Pika isn't a fan of the stacking!)

And the best for last...


poliwhirl Kutakuta beanie!! I spotted him on ebay for 5.00 and realized the seller lived really close to me, so he came almost instantly! This may be the start of a kutakuta collection for me...>u>

thanks for reading, guys!
Tags: pikachu, poliwhirl, scraggy
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