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Sweet Gets!

I recently got a job at Toys R Us, and my parents took a trip to New York City last week, so I've been able to get some nice things. Follow the cut to see what I got!

Toys R Us photo ToysRUs_zps7013a450.jpg
First, my Toys R Us gets! There was a sale on Pokemon toys, so I got the Fennekin and Chespin for a decent price, plus the 3DS kit!

 photo photo1_zps11e77c75.jpg photo photo2_zps46ca8a9d.jpg
My mom took a couple of photos of the Pokemon plush while she was at Nintendo World a week ago. Not a huge selection, but they still have some Black/White merch!

Nintendo World 2014 photo NintendoWorld2014_zps8b8120bd.jpg
This is what my mom brought back for me from Nintendo World! Initially I didn't want her to get anything for me, and just asked that she get a Mega Blaziken plush, Pokemon hat and Goomy plush for Pokethon (and I suggested she get my little brother a Mega Blaziken plush too). She called to tell me they were out of Goomy, and asked if I wanted anything for myself while she was there. I asked about Espurr or Meowstic plush, but sadly they didn't have any! Instead I asked for the Frogadier plush (who doesn't want to stand)!

 photo PokethonPrizes_zps8af233cc.jpeg
Here are all the Pokéthon prizes I've bought! I probably won't give all of them out this year, haha. So far we have:
-3 Espurr mascot plush from the Espurr Wanted! promo
-Pokemon 3DS travel kit
-Big Fennekin plush
-Chespin keychain plush
-Mega Blaziken plush
-Chespin hat
I'd like a wider variety of merch - I am considering getting a gift card to a video game store and maybe manga. I would buy a ORAS pre-order but you never know if someone wants Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, haha.

I haven't photographed my entire plush collection in a year, so I thought it was time to do that! They all just barely fit on my new queen sized bed!

Plush collection photo Allplushies_zpscd1c7e04.jpeg
I lined them all up in order of generation, and have at least a couple plush from each gen except four (my least favouite). I didn't mean for this collection to get so big, though! A few of them are actually up for offer in my sales post (link below).

Some of my favourites are definitely Meowstic, the Mewtwo backpack, and custom Lance made by my friend. I also really like the I <3 Eevee plush, Raikou UFO, and the big (probably bootleg) Mew.

I love that the tags on Pokemon plush are tied on now, so they can be easily removed! My brother didn't want his Mega Blaziken plush tag, so if anyone wants it, let me know!

You can also find some of the plush from the above photo, as well as other merch, in my Sales Post!

Thanks for looking!

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