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Small Sales Post

My first sales post (yay!). I have been stocking up for months now and I really need to start letting stuff go. These are just a few things I want to offer to you guys before I ship them off to Neverland :).


Sales Information:

+ Paypal only at the moment, address: considerately@gmail.com

+  I will hold for one day

+ I ship from the U.S. within one day of cleared payment

+ I will ship Internationally

+ Prices do not include shipping, please reply with your postal code for quote

+ I am only interested in trades for Pokemon items of: Dragonite, Mareep, Piplup, Plusle, and Shaymin (land forme); wishlist: http://iammyworld.livejournal.com/19577.html

+ Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/30997.html?thread=30722069#t30722069

+ $1.00 minimum purchase if possible

+  Haggling is fine here, I'm really just looking to be compensated for time/packaging/gas for this stuff :)



Item(s): Hardees rubbery plasticy toy key chains ($0.50 each) BOTH ON HOLD
Condition/notes: These are from the Hardees fast food chain (somewhere in the Midwest U.S.) and they are not in the greatest of condition (have some paint spots (damn kids who actually PLAY with Pokemon toys!), but I haven't seen very many around so I just wanted to offer them up in case there are any Charizard/Mewtwo fans who want every item.
Pokemon offered: Charizard (On Hold), Mewtwo


Item(s): Kellogs rev tops ($0.25 each)
Condition/notes: this is pretty much the same situation as above, these are visibly worn and some have paint marks/rubs, just offering these guys before I donate/put them out to pasture :).
Pokemon offered: Togepi, Marill, Pikachu, Poliwag (x2), Hoot Hoot


Item(s): BK rev tops
Condition/notes: of course the only one in great condition is Golem, lol. Anyway, these guys are not in the best condition, but if for some reason you've got to have 'em- here they are!
Pokemon offered: Golem, Graveler, Tangela, Ditto


Item(s): Key chains ($1.00 each)
Condition/notes: Nidoran, Electabuzz, and Gengar (MIP) are in excellent condition, Sandslash is in pretty good condition.
Pokemon offered: Nidoran, Electabuzz, Gengar, Sandslash


Item(s): MIP Kellogs rev tops ($1.00 each)
Pokemon offered: Togepi, Pikachu


Item(s): Mixed figures ($0.50 each)
Condition/notes: these are all in decent to excellent condition
Items offered: Jiggly Puff rev top, Gengar rev top, Pikachu rev top, Nidoking pencil topper, Bulbasaur pencil sharpener, Ivysaur BK launcher, Poliwag squirter, Elekid (?) figure, Shellder (?) figure (I can take better pictures if nec.), Pikachu paddle thingie



Item(s): Jakks Pacific PVC figures with matching marble ($3.50 each)
Condition/notes: These are in great condition, they have just been displayed on a shelf for a couple months- any paint mistakes/flaws are original to the toys
Items offered: Pachirisu , Cherrim

OK, now that's over- check out my eBay friends that are for sale! There are some really inexpensive Pokies on there waiting for a good home. Also, if the shipping is ridiculous, never fear, I will credit you back whatever is left over from eBay's whack shipping estimate.

Whaa?! Battle FrontierJakks Pacific Charizard for $0.99 !

MIP BK Darkrai CardHolder for $0.99 !

Thanks for helping me clear this stuff out (and raise money for my Dragonite/Mareep zukan fund)!
Special thanks to prguitarman for telling me about Semagic!</lj>
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