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You Are Challenged by Team Magma Leader Maxie!

BJD Maxie 1

What can I say, I absolutely loved Maxie's ORAS redesign the moment I saw it appear on the video game trailer. Since another hobby of mine is ball-jointed dolls (BJDs), I decided that I simply had to create Maxie in doll form! Behold!
Maxie BJD Comparison
Like any cosplay project, it's not 100% perfect, but I'm still very happy with it. ^_^

I have decided I'm going to start a collection of ORAS Maxie. He doesn't approve of my current collection, however, because it contains absolutely no Groudon whatsoever. In fact, the only Hoenn pokemon plush I own happens to be Azurill.
Maxie with Azurill
Awww, Maxie, it ~loves~ you! ^_^

I don't even have a copy of the original Pokemon Ruby, so Maxie has to make do with playing Pokemon Sapphire until ORAS is released.
Maxie with GBA
I think he's annoyed that he can't catch Groudon in this game, but at least he gets to beat Archie in a Pokemon battle. XD

OK, especially for those of you unfamiliar with BJDs, I'll go ahead and say I didn't make the doll itself. The doll is made by a company called DollZone. I just sewed all his clothes. ^_^ Here's a pic of exactly what all it was that I made. Maybe this pic will be helpful for anyone planning a cosplay or something…or just those curious to see how this outfit was put together.
Maxie's Clothing
Don't worry…there's not a naked evil team leader running around Hoenn now. XD Maxie has other outfits, you know…

…such as the extra suit he borrowed from the ever-fashionable Team Flare leader Lysandre, who has lots of clothes because, you know, fashion and all that. It's a bit big for Maxie, but I think he'd make a dashing addition to Team Flare, nonetheless. XD
Team Flare Maxie

Well, that's Maxie--just my contribution to all the Hoenn hype. ^_~ I imagine he'll pop up in future posts of mine, especially if they involved Groudon gets. XD

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