neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush Auctions and some gets!

Hey! Long time no post, I've gotten cool stuff, I just have been way too busy to post. But I have a little breather before I start my new job next week :D

Princess Diancie being greeted by her first subject, sylveon meeting up with flareon

And a flareon tfg! It was pretty graily for me and it was one of those things I didn't put on my wishlist because I thought I'd never get it, but here it is! :D The sculpting is so cute.

I consider my flareon collection complete! :D

Aaand my 1:1 froakie (her name is Bubbles) picked up by my awesomazing pen-pal :D

Also, after alot of thought, I'm weeding out most of my plush collection. Auctions end saturday and whatever is left will be thrown onto ebay.
Tags: blaziken, bonsly, breloom, charizard, charmander, cresselia, dewott, diancie, drifloon, eevee, eeveelution, eeveelutions, flareon, fletchling, froakie, ivysaur, keldeo, latios, leafeon, litwick, magby, mantyke, meowstic, minccino, minun, mudkip, oshawott, phanpy, piplup, plush, plusle, porygon, reshiram, reuniclus, riolu, rotom, shaymin, shellos, skitty, torchic, umbreon, venusaur, virizion, yanma, zorua
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