Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Banpresto postcard auctions reminder! + Card sleeves collection!

Hello there guys!
First, I wanted to remind you of my Banpresto postcard auction that is ending in less than 24 hours! I have a total of 18 of these up for auction, so please take a look :D

Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the auctions!

And since I have bought a scanner (something I wanted to have for very long!), might as well show you my small collection of card sleeves I have!

More pictures under the cut!

z 001
So gorgeous!! I think my favorite might be the Chandelure or Gardevoir and Lilligant one <333

Some humans and others! Favorites are probably the Subway Masters, cheren and Purrloin and N <3

z 002
Bunch of cute Pokemon! Favorites are Deerling, Whimsicott and Minccino, Joltik and shiny Magikarp!

z 003
Some with cool Pokemon! The one in the middle is the most fascinating for me, I love the art!

z 004
Some random silhouette ones!

z 005
Lastly, pokeball and electric types silhouette ones!

I don't have many as you can see, but if you are selling individual card sleeves, I would be definitely interested in them!!! I am thinking about buying whole decks and selling off the other individual ones! Any card sleeves worth looking for? Please tell me :D <3

Thank you so much for taking a look!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, would anybody be interested in this Kokeshi shirt?

I have bought one for myself, but it's a little small for my boobs. It's girl's size M, and I would like at least 25$ for it (less than what I paid for, might take less). Rules and such are in the auctions page!

Tags: chandelure, deerling, eevee, eeveelution, eeveelutions, garchomp, gardevoir, hydreigon, joltik, krookodile, lilligant, lopunny, lucario, magikarp, mewtwo, oshawott, pikachu, snivy, tepig, whimsicott, zoroark, zorua
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